Homecoming Parties – Let the party rock!


Homecoming is an event where high school and university alumni are welcomed in their alma mater. Basically, it is a week-long “get-together” celebration for alumnus to gather and share another happy moment with their batch mates. As this homecoming celebration is freshly announced, we can’t help but wonder how our batch mates do now or how your prom queen looks like after a decade. While these issues play in our mind, there’s another thought worthy of pondering about – our look for the affair. Admit it; sometimes we want to be the “eye-catcher” of an occasion, which motivates us to start looking for gorgeous homecoming dresses.

Here are some tips to make you glamorous in the said event.

  1. Firstly, remember that events like these have certain dress codes. Knowing this is so relevant to help you decide which dresses to wear for the party. Conversely, if a dress code is not established, it’s your lucky day because you can simply wear any clothing that you like, but it should be suitable to the event. Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie aren’t actually dubbed as the best dressed actresses in the Oscar’s for no reason, right? Taking cues from your favorite personalities can minimize the stress of brainstorming on the type of dresses for a homecoming. (Green guide is an excellent place where you can find tons of beautiful party dresses for low prices.)
  2. Remember that confidence and comfort are keys to looking glam. It doesn’t matter how expensive your dress is and how popular is its designer, it will have no count if you don’t know how to strut it. Confidence is the key to add oomph to your appeal and you can only obtain it if you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Even pop stars like Beyonce complain of pain in exchange for vanity. What is important is that you are comfortable in it and you feel free to move with your dress. Conversely, you have got to decide between the two.
  3. Pick the right dress for your body shape. Kim K isn’t as statuesque as Charlize Theron, but she surely knows how to flaunt her assets. The key here is to select a dress that flaunts your assets and minimizes your flaws. Pick a knee-length dress for quick height; wrap around or empire cut for a quick waistline; and a sweetheart neckline to emphasize gorgeous clavicles and pretty face.

Hope these tips will help you to be more comfortable in facing your batch mates and friends. And one thing to remember is that you must always stay who you are facing them. Bring on the homecoming, ladies!


Jennifer Aniston and Her Amazing Physique through the Years

jennifer_anistonIf there is one person in Hollywood who has maintained her curvaceous physique through the years and who still managed to look enviably gorgeous despite being in her prime age, she would have to be Jennifer Aniston. First known as Rachel in Friends, her career took to great leaps after winning an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and an Actors Guild Awards from that stint. Of course, she was also known as Brad Pitt’s better half for a couple of years before they finalized their divorce. Her popularity even tripled when the Brangelina label came to limelight. Nevertheless, we don’t really care her love life with then-husband Brad Pitt. What we really care about is how she maintained that body for years.

Her toned arms and legs, incredibly flat abs, and lovely overall body shape have been envied by millions of women around the world, hoping that they can copy her toned arms, abs, or just her gorgeous legs. Firstly, Jennifer is a self-confessed gym junkie. She does not just do training to relieve stress or to pass an inactive hour. She always sets time for exercises, which mostly include body toning. Aside from that, she also does yoga and lots of stretches each day and never forgets to credit her best friend and at the same time her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber. Her date with Mandy has always been a consistent 5 times a week and she never makes excuses for delays or absences. Meanwhile, she also spends at least an hour and more for boxing, cardiovascular workout, and other exhilarating routines including martial arts. Jennifer has a favorite martial arts type that she loves because it’s a combination of kicks and punches with a couple of stretches. Finally, she also credits her toned legs with her daily walking regimen, which she labels as past time.

On the one hand, she credits her diet in the maintenance of her shapely and lean body. She has been accredited to numerous diet plans that have lower amount of carbohydrates and proteins because such ingredients contribute to excessive fats and added weight gain. She was specifically linked to Atkins diet, which focused on the concentration on fruits and vegetables.

Today, she said that she does not starve herself too much anymore by not taking diets too seriously as she start indulging with sweets and other temptations a little bit. However, she always watches her weight and cuts off on salads immediately when there is an increase of a few pounds. Definitely, what Jennifer is doing to maintain her shape is quite incredible and it really takes a lot of determination. Therefore, if you want to have a svelte body shape, take inspiration from Jennifer’s discipline.



Armstrong cracks as he talks about his son

les-mis-poster-main-630x350Lance Armstrong completely broke down.

This happened on the second part of the interview of Armstrong with world renowned TV host Oprah Winfrey, not as he talks about the sanction he received due to the controversy of his use of performance-enhancing drugs but as he opens up about the effect of this storm to his son.

It was definitely not about the $75 million sponsorship deals which immediately dissolved within a span of two days, or the fact that he had to walk out from the cancer charity, Livestrong, which he founded and consider as his sixth child. It was not also about the lifetime ban that was given as his sanction, although he said that he did not see that coming and was not well equipped to deal with such matter.

He said that he saw his son defending him and saying that all of the news is not true and that what people are saying is not true. He said that that was the moment that he has to finally break his silence.

At this point, Armstrong was teary eyes as he referred to his 13-year-old chile, Luke, the oldest of all his children. He made a blink and looked away from Oprah as his lips tremble, and he struggles to maintain his composure.

It arrived to the midpoint of the hour-long television program of Winfrey on her own network. In this point in time, the disgraced champion in cycling blurted out that he indeed used performance-enhancing medicines when he bagged all seven straight titles in Tour de France.

Critics claim that he had not been very remorseful enough in the first part of the interview. But as Oprah zeroed in on the sentimental and emotional stories in his personal life, the cyclist seemed to fail in trying to compose himself.