About us

Music is life, and we at thedudes.ca are perfectly aware of this fact. And even though creativity and talent are the essential prerequisites for making music – technology is becoming increasingly important as well. In other words, software and hardware solutions are offering numerous opportunities for talented musicians, and many of this improvements are designed to facilitate the actual process of making melodies and sounds. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to design the best products for your needs, and once you start using some of our gadgets and software – your music will take evolve and upgrade to a whole new level.




Oliver Jenkins

Modern technology is moving pretty fast, and we are trying as much as possible to keep up. I love working with my team members, and we have developed a flexible but hard-working environment. That is why our applications and programs are top-notch, and our clients are more than satisfied with the quality.


Anthony P. Close

I enjoy making music and producing sounds, but I equally love coding and creating software solutions. That is why working for this company has been dream come true, and we all hope that our software-engineering efforts will help other musicians create their own masterpieces.


Tim Simmons

Developing all kinds of software is my life-long passion, but I enjoy the most when music is the subject of our work. My problem-solving skills are always on a test, and everything is very exciting and challenging when dealing with high-tech music technology.