Top Tips For Making The Perfect Music Video

Songs usually “contain” stories which remind us of a certain event or that “certain someone,” and music has a magical power to transport us to another time and place. However, the sound alone is sometimes not enough, and we need visual stimulus to “get in the mood” and fully understand the lyrics. That is why music videos are of extreme importance to anyone being involved in the music industry, and ordinary viewers are the ones who benefit the most from a nicely-shot music video.

Unfortunately, not all videos are of good quality, and this can often have catastrophic and disastrous effects on a sound which could have had a certain level of potential in the first place. Because of this fact, it is vital to pay attention to our music videos, and it is imperative that we try our best to create aesthetically pleasing and attractive videos, capturing the song’s meaning and emotional characteristics to the full extent. Here are some steps you should follow:

Use Good Equipment

It can be the best song in the world, but if you only have a low quality video to go with it then you are doing the song a disservice. The answer is to film the video with a high quality super high definition camera. Professional video cameras can be rented for short amounts of time, and can be arranged online. is an example of a company you can hire video equipment from.

Also make sure that the footage, that you capture is free from vibrations, and camera shake. If you are holding the camera by hand, it is very difficult to hold the camera steady, without some extra equipment. Get the best handheld gimbal you can afford to rent. A gimbal is a motorised stabilizing system, that can keep the camera steady even if you are running at full speed. It’s like a steadicam that you’ve seen on movie sets but a lot smaller and more afordable. It will make your music video look professionally shot. You can read more about gimbals at this site.

Prepare A Script

Planning is an essential activity for many areas of life, and music industry is not an exception. What this means is that you have to have a prearranged plan of what are you going to film and how is it all going to look on the screen. Drawing the entire plan and creating a storyboard is also a great way to save yourself from a lot of headaches and frustrations. Random shots will create a mess when it comes to the editing stage, and you will lose your mind trying to assemble the appropriate sequence of shots. Therefore, examine the lyrics of the song in full detail and then proceed onto planning the filming process, i.e. formulate the script.


Choose The Appropriate Look

Musical videos are either conceptual or they are focusing on a performance of the artist. In other words, you can use different imagery to convey the meaning or you can film a live or a staged session with the performers in the main role. Either way, it is vital to choose the appropriate looks for the video, which means that you have to decide on the aesthetics of the entire project. Creativity and imagination are of the utmost importance in this step, and once again – the mood of the song in question will larger affect the type of video you plan on making.

Location And Wardrobe

Closely connected with the previous point is the aspect of location and wardrobe. If you film the video on multiple locations, the overall filming costs will be significantly higher than making a video in a single studio. However, impressive imagery is attractive and eye-catching, and that is why memorable music videos are usually shot at equally captivating destinations. The element of wardrobe can also play a major role in the quality of the video in question, and it is crucial that you find a look that stylistically suits the concept of the video. The performers can maintain their personal touch, but it is important to create a balanced and enchanting effect on the viewer.